Last night (July 11) in Brooklyn, Rob Markman, head of artist relations at Genius held an interview with trap rapper and Atlanta sensation, 2 Chainz. Coming off of his very successful Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album release a few weeks ago, Tity Boi opened up about a few interesting topics such as his album where he said the reason for the pink was because of women. “Women all over the world identify with pink, not just the pretty ones. Women in general,” he said. “It’s the color women like, it’s the color of something good like makeup or something that represents a  good cause like breast cancer.”  In addition, Chainz spoke on the reason behind the famous pink trap house in his hometown of Atlanta, his family, the evolution of the trap sound and much more.

The Atlanta rapper also held a brief Q&A afterward with the crowd where one attendee asked an interesting question about him turning his pink trap house into a free aids clinic and his view on the importance of health and wealth. “The health department of Atlanta actually reached out and wanted to team up with us because they saw a natural positive crowd of young individuals who they feel they could bring the testing center to,” 2 Chainz answered. “They brought a huge truck out there and I think we tested maybe 60 to 100 individuals. It uplifts the community and sets an example. As far as the health is wealth line,” Chainz continues “I believe food is medicine. Therefore I don’t eat pork or beef. I try to go to the gym when I can. All I eat is shrimp, lobster, and drink water,” Tity said. “OG Kush Diet is probably the only diet that I’m on,” he adds with a smile on his face. To cap off the interview, 2 Chainz mentions that he’s about to release some new merch from his CEO clothing line and he’s already in the process of creating his next album which he says will be “more lyrical” than you’ve ever heard him before.

In other news, 2 Chainz has teamed up with legendary MC, Eminem. Pictures have surfaced multiple websites and Tity Boi even spoke about the link up between the two on his social media. It looks like they’re on the verge of dropping a track together which wouldn’t be hard to believe with Eminem’s brand new album on the way.

If you didn’t catch the interview yesterday check it out below.


All Photos Taken By @GDiddy210