A  dash-cam video obtained by Channel 2 Action News surfaced in the Hip Hop community today via rapper TI’s Instagram page, highlighting what we already know, that ‘the police only kill black people’.


Welcome to America. #USorELSE

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The Atlanta rapper captioned his post with “Welcome to America. #USorELSE”, as it has been highly discussed in the black community that the police don’t care about black people, and this video speaks louder than our words could have ever expressed.

28-year veteran Lt. Greg Abbott was caught telling an uncooperative passenger during a DUI stop in Cobb County, GA that, “Remember, we only kill black people. We only kill black people, right?”  The incident actually taking place over a year ago, the passenger said she was hesitant to put her hands down to pick up her cellphone because she didn’t want to get shot, leading to the above statement by Abbott.

While Abbott’s chief, his attorney and the passenger’s lawyer are in fact minimizing the officers comment as a sarcastic way of trying to de-escalate the situation, do you guys think that was the smartest move on the part of an officer of the law to ever say to anyone, whether black or white?  Because we surely don’t.

Anyone buying the excuse that the cop was just being sarcastic?

Forget it being an insanely ludicrous comment to say to any person, anyone with their right mind might have to double-back on that one.

Although, I can maybe see the necessity to get a stopped passenger to put her hands down by any means necessary, I just can’t imagine the best tactic being telling a non-black passenger that she should not to worry because they only kill black people without there being some truth to it.  Not to mention the conversation that in the event this passenger was an actual perverse black person instead of the non-black that she turned out to be, 3 times more likely, the passenger might had of been shot.

So what do you guys think on this one, was the officer speaking facts or did he simply just find the absolute most inappropriate way to use sarcasm in a stop?