Jersey has a new wave of talent surfacing and plenty of singles are building momentum as well. Independent artists are flushing on their own and are not concerned with whats happening in the mainstream. In direct correlation, dope records are making their makes on the net and lucky fans get to discover them first. One record that has garnered some attention is from Munch Ali and his partna, Roll $umthin entailed “MOOD”, hailing from Jersey.

The “MOOD” single cover features the iconic all pink fur Cam’ron photo. Both artists flow effortlessly on the melodic beat. Take a listen and check out the interview with the newcomers below.

1. How did Roll Sumthin’ and Munch Ali become a group? Is it safe to say you guys are forming a group?

Munch AliWe aren’t an actual group, but we have a ton of music together. We’re cousins & have been around each other since age 6 so the chemistry is strong. Right now we’re both our own artist, but enjoy making music together & pushing one another to work harder.

2. When did you guys decide to take a career in music serious?

Roll Sumthin’We both started taking music seriously as a career about 4 years ago. We both were athletes with dreams to play professionally, but once opportunities of going pro started to slide, we had to make a switch. Munch has been rapping since he was young, so I tried to rap too a few years ago and I enjoyed it so I kept at it. However, knowing the stigma people put on athletes who try to rap & vice verse, I practiced my craft days on end until I felt comfortable enough to let the world hear my sound. End of the day we both eat & sleep this music thing & know this what we want for our future.

3. How did the Mood song along? Can we expect more collabs or a visual for this?

Munch Ali#MOOD was a record I created one day and when Roll walked into the studio he got hyped immediately! The beat was a different sound so I tried to come up with a concept I thought was different but relatable. As far future collabs that’s a definite, Roll & I are family first so there will always be more collabs from us. We’re in the studio on a daily basis constantly vibing off each other making new music.

4. Where’s the best Jersey place to experience the culture?

Roll Sumthin’ – I’d say the best place to experience the urban Jersey culture are the cities in North Jersey. We’re from Essex county which is one of the biggest & diverse counties in Jersey, there you’ll see the rich & stuck up down to the poor & homeless all within the same county. I’d say take a walk down Broad & Market street downtown Newark to get a good feel for the urban Jersey culture.