Hip-hop and Sports have always gone hand in hand. Rappers want to be basketball players, basketball players want to be rappers and so forth. Throughout the years there have been numerous athletes: basketball players, boxers and football players who have tried there hand at rap but none of them have really had any success. Well, that’s about to change with NFL player Junior Galette. While all the other athletes tried rapping, Junior is taking the executive route and is the CEO of the label NuLa Ent.

NuLa Ent is based out of Spring Valley, New York and was officially created in 2012. The label which stands for “We’re Here” in Creole is the home to Don Carlo, and Shoddie the new faces of NuLa and formerly the home to Howie DoDat and former GS9 member Corey Finesse.

Even though the label was formed in 2012 it wasn’t till about 2016 that they started releasing music and the wave began. Being an athlete, Junior wasn’t sure the approach to take with his label as his main focused was football. After an interview with Taxstone on his popular podcast Tax Season, Junior would become good friends with Tax. With some help and guidance from Taxstone, Junior finally knew how he wanted to attack the game kicking down the door with Corey Finesse’s street hit “Vagabond.” Following the release of the single Corey would go on to release a handful of singles alongside labelmate Howie DoDat and two mixtapes which included the Kaka Show and Life After 9.

After having a breakout year NuLA Ent and Corey Finesse would part ways over creative differences. This left Junior with who he started with his best friends Howie DoDat and Don Carlo who have been carrying the NuLa name since the beginning. After a mutual split with Howie DoDat recently, NuLa Ent now has their eyes focused on the future with their premiere artist Don Carlo and the young upstart Shoddie.

Don Carlo makes no-frills street rap and his music is like getting punched in the face or hit by a mack truck. Even though he just started releasing music last summer and he hit the ground running with his debut single “Run Forrest” which was rumored to be a shot at former NuLa Ent member Corey Finesse. In October he dropped the follow-up single “Streets Hot” which has been gaining some serious traction in the last few months and it’s only a matter of time before people start catching wind of it.

Shoddie who is only 17 years old is the new face of NuLa Ent. While Don Carlo is the hard hitter, Shoddie’s music is more melodic. Just like Don, Shoddie doesn’t have much music out but he recently released his first two singles “Intro” and “Bees & Honey” which was just released the past few weeks. Both songs have been garnering attention quickly, with “Bees & Honey” already accumulating over 330K streams on Spotify. Even though Shoddie is just getting started he is already making a name for himself beyond the Hudson River.

NuLa Ent has been through ups and downs but this year they are ready to show the world that there coming with that heat and are not letting up. With Don Carlo and Shoddie as the faces of NuLa Ent, they are poised to have a breakout year. If you don’t know their names now I’m sure you will in the next few months. NuLa Ent has officially arrived and they’re not taking any shit!!