Tru story is what his supporters consider a “ Read between the lines rapper” bringing a rather classic old school hip hop tone to your ears. In his latest self-titled mixtape, “Tru Story” the Brooklyn rapper aims to really resonate with his fan base, using the project to tell a story, of where he’s been and where he hopes to go.

To complete the project he teamed up with upcoming producer Mel Muzak, BKLYNMadeIt, and Peersonile. As well as upcoming artist Montana Sparks, BYP, Teddy G, Bigg Doe and more.

When asked about the creative process he mentions
“The project took me approximately 2-3 months to make mainly because it was based off my life, so my writing process was more intense as oppose to writing about a normal song I really wanted my listeners to understand what I was going through rather than just hearing lyrics “

His knack for storytelling mixed with his hard-hitting metaphors makes it pretty obvious who his lyrical influences are.
Tru Story’s music not only reflects who he is, but what he’s been through.

His latest video “Read Between the Lines” was inspired by the things he’s experienced and saw His stylistic visuals match this narrative by giving viewers an almost play by play of the event through his own lens, making it more of a visual experience. This paired with his exceptional lyricism made the project a very thought-provoking journey.

And while of course, every single on the project was of importance to him, when asked about his top track he mentions “DEJA VÚ” saying

” This was my favorite track mainly based off the fact that I wrote it about on a real-life event, that took place when I was younger regarding one of my friends so it was really close to me”
Whats Next? Tru is working on the second installment of his debut mixtape along with his upcoming showcase on January 27th, in short, this Brooklyn lyricist is just looking to continue to make noise in his city and put the name Tru on the map!

Co written by Minneetellsitall