A Female Jason Bourne Meets James Bond…


Russian actress and model, Gia Skova is amongst some of the strong female roles that continue to dominate the big screen. In fact, Skova takes her role one step further in her latest film, The Serpent. The internationally recognizable supermodel turned actress not only plays the lead role in the new film, but is also the director, producer, and writer. For the production of this film, Skova teams up with Pavel Skovorodin and three-time Daytime Emmy Award  winner, Jared Safier for his work on the digital drama series, The Bay.  


Skova stars as the female lead playing a CIA Operative whose code name is “The Serpent” who later finds out that she is being exploited by her agency to be apart of a heinous scheme that is connected to her mission. With a race against time and an attempt to resolve a massive global conspiracy, Skova is able to remove herself from the shady agency by fleeing from her team where her escape lands her in China. 



Pulling from her personal intelligence, skill and strength, Skova portrays her character well. During the film, Skova boldly challenges one of the world’s most powerful organizations to bring justice to the innocent. With its  largely international cast and over 30% of the film being shot in China, Skova shares:


 “We are pleased to have the Chinese market open its doors to us, welcoming our engagement as the  film continues to build momentum.”


Showcasing a rare combination of creative and artistic proficiency, emotional range, and athletic skillfulness – this universal thriller makes for a directorial debut for the multifaceted star.In addition to writing, directing, producing and starring in The Serpent, Skova also insisted on doing her own stunts. Yes she really is onscreen kicking ass, not a stunt double, making her a force to be reckoned with. Skova has had her fair share of dismissals from the industry for being seen as just a pretty face. But her passion and determination has positioned her to breakthrough the glass ceiling, not only becoming a terrific indie filmmaker but also an international celebrity with numerous magazine covers and fashion shoots under her belt.


Annually, every Fall, the Global Film Industry come together in Santa Monica to network and view upcoming talent and films. Everyone from filmmakers, producers, directors and writers from around the world come to the American Film Market (AFM) to connect, gain exposure, and discover new projects. If you haven’t heard about it before, the American Film Market & Conferences is the largest motion picture business fair in the world. In 2017, Gia Skova’s film, The Serpent made its debut to the public as it was 70% completed in hopes to align with more star power and having investors keen on sharing  her vision for the completion of production on her film. The  Serpent also  stars Tzi  Ma,  who  is best  known for  his roles in VeepArrival,  and 24, alongside Jason  Scott Jenkins  (American  Horror Story), Craig Conway (Doomsday), Travis Aaron Wade (Supernatural), Nigel Vonas (Arrow), Kelton Jones, Nathan J. Kress and Big Brother winner Jason Burrill.


Prior to her film debut, Gia Skova was a well-known supermodel within the modeling and fashion world. She became a cover girl for fashion magazines like Vogue and InStyle, while ripping the runway for renowned designers, Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs. She has also been featured in print and commercial advertisements for internationally famous brands such as L’Oréal and Red Bull. With an ample amount of beauty and brains, Skova has also been cast in television series, movies, and theatrical productions. Throughout her journey within the entertainment realm, all of her talent, experience and self-educated training has granted her a phenomenal opportunity with her best role to date in the action spy movie, The Serpent


The natural born storyteller shares a few words regarding her debut action movie.


“As the director and star of this film, it has been quite an adventure. There are so many things to handle, and from the day I started this, it was never easy. But I see this as the beginning of a great adventure, because I have many great stories to tell….”


Check out the trailer below.


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