A day ago, accompanied by a picture of a directors board for Drake’s “God’s Plan” music video, laid the caption “The most important thing I’ve done in my career thus far”. Well, the video premiered today and we agree, this is undoubtedly, the most powerful act, and video message of Drake’s career!

The sentimental, moving piece, which was produced by Director X and directed by Karena Evans which unveiled Drake’s recent charity spree.

In the opening of the video, there’s a message that reads “The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.”

The 6 God himself,  donated close to a million dollars to individuals, schools, and charities; some of which included:  $50K to the University of Miami, $50K to Lotus Home Women’s Shelter, and $20K to the Miami Fire Department. He also took a small group of young ladies on a Saks 5Th Avenue shopping spree, purchased all of the groceries for everyone in a Miami local supermarket, bought an Acura for a family and freely gave away stacks of money.

Drake, his production team and closest friends visited Miami Senior High School to shoot a portion of the video and pandemonium broke out! Speaking to the students and faculty, who were all extras in the video, Drake announced his $25K donation in “incentives for the after school program”. Excitement rang out, as it’s evident they were all taking in this once in a lifetime, epic moment.

The beautiful, generous acts documented in this video proves the true depth of Drake’s heart. The overall message here is one of positivity and paying it forward. Let’s not overlook the strong spiritual aspect present, as well. Despite the title of the track being “God’s Plan”, the lyrics speak of destiny, and God’s ordering of steps. There’s a moment when the video stops and a voice can be heard stating, “Thank God for what’s happening right now! It might not be good but thank God”. All praises due to the most high, and to Drake, for this humble act, we salute you!