Shot as a short film, the music video for GoldLink’ summer single Got Friends featuring smooth crooning from Miguel, does not actually feature the DC rapper.  Directed by Christian Sutton, the video follows three young women as they embark on a night out with an unexpected ending.

Beginning at a local diner, two of the ladies convince their third counterpart to attend a house party. Together the women head out of the restaurant, after a stranger comps their food, ready to enjoy a night out.  Once their car leaves the parking lot, we are shown a missing poster, featuring the faces of several young men including GoldLink and Miguel.

A giant full moon centered in the sky, the ladies arrive to an empty parking lot. Walking towards the entrance, one of the ladies is snatched into the air and shortly thereafter, thuds to the ground with bite marks in her neck. Faced with a vampire, the other two friends begin to run, hoping to leave unharmed.

Watch the video below:

Micia G