Do-gooders, IAmWondaWoman Foundation founders Meda Leacock & Latoya Ross of Brooklyn, New York are pushing the culture with their resource gateway initiative Tea With Teens, providing a platform for 10 young ladies of the foster care system every year.

We will follow up on their grades and attendance monthly, as well as offer incentives… By constructing various monthly groups and individual engagements, we intend to motivate each individual young lady to help them see their inner and outer beauty, and enhance their confidence.  We aim to provide various resources such as information on job preparation and sessions with career specialists based on each girls desired dream.

In an effort to help cultivate the innate greatness in these young women by means of the supplication and the bringing awareness to beauty, hygiene, and etiquette, Meda and Latoya are opening doors to a whole new world through awesome experiences unlikely to the lifestyle of these 10: fashion Shows, professional basketball games, elegant dinners, and more.

On Saturday, February 10th, 2018 at 3 Black Cats Cafe in Brownsville, Brooklyn, Meda and Latoya, alongside the Grant D. Knowledge Foundation provided makeovers for this year’s 10 young ladies by celebrity hair stylist Iyesata Marsh, and make-up artists Ahjale Thybulle and Charlie Fame who donated their time to beautify the ladies.  Photographer Eyes Of Art Media and Videographer Rick The Ruler also donated their time in providing photos and professional headshots and video reels for them as well.  Each teen was dressed in business attire; they were provided with white button down shirts and black slacks to take part in the daily activities, which included motivational speakers such as Public Advocate Letish James, NY Times Best Selling Author Teri Woods, Author and Activist Jamila T. Davis, Celebrity Chef Nancie, Asia DosRies and Bishop Lamor Whitehead to name a few.  The event was hosted by Juliet Forde, former child of the foster care system from the age of 3 months, who has survived 17 different foster homes, and whose mission is to fight and figure a way out for youth in foster care today.

As leaders in the industry of entertainment, having such platforms to do good unto others, it should be our ultimate purpose to make a difference in some way, within our communities especially; sharing your story to generate good change.  Very often, we lose self in the midst of our own celebrity, forgetting the purpose of having certain blessings, which is always to give back.  Meda and Latoya have elicited many other New York City natives and local businesses to contribute their time and resources towards this honorable cause; folks such as Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, Senator Jesse Hamilton, Danielle Beckom, Davina Perez of Put Down The Guns, Sam D. Walker II, VP, BET Networks, Lenny Santiago with Tidal, Jimmy Cozier, Born Legends, Plenty Paradise Bar & Lounge, Brooklyn Safe Space, BPE, Texanna Watts, Marilyn Van Alstyne & James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation.

Real recognize real, and a real leader leads and pushes the culture forward.

Ask yourself this, what have you done to push the culture forward, what changes have you brought forth that will better the economic & intellectual state of the communities of which you come from and/or have roots?  How have you empowered someone who follows you or your brand?

Are you a do gooder?

Stay afloat and join the movement of Meda Leacock.

Tea With Teens.

More about I Am WondaWoman:

IAmWondaWoman is a nonprofit organization founded by former Bad Boy Ent A&R Meda Leacock, which was formed to strengthen and reinforce the minds of inner-city adolescent girls.  We uphold our mission to mentor and motivate young girls, while allowing them the comfort and ability of discussing areas of their life they may not share with their parents, other family members, or even close friends. Our vision entails the importance of understanding their long-term goals in life, and then relating their long-term goals into short-term tasks to assist and encourage the realization and fulfillment of those goals. We coach them in the importance of hygiene and safe sex, as well as the negative effects of drugs, alcohol, and bullying.  Subsequently, we offer them constructive criticism on how they can improve as an individual; and lastly, we end with a positive outlook on life that’s realistically attainable to them.  We believe that the youth is more receptive to listen when you lead with motivation, so we choose to take our time with each individual girl, and we give them a voice to elaborate on their perspectives and insight.