Gorgeous George The Pimp God is back with a hot new video for his latest hit single “WaterMellon JollyRancher.” The video first premiered on the Tidal app featuring social media goddesses Maliah Michel and Danii Banks.

The Houston rapper who started his own label in the late 90s, 502 Recordz which was later transformed to NuMoney Recordz in 2005, Gorgeous George has performed with the likes of Bun B, 2Chainz, Plies, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy, K Camp, Meek Mill, Kevin Gates and more.

Overall, this new video hosts a well-known look that is even more surprising to see in a music video format. He has a signature style and swag alone, so we can see why the ladies in the video flaunt for him.

Even though the track is a provocative subject, George is able to manipulate the song’s true meaning into a catchy sing-a-long that references a watermelon jolly rancher.

Check it out in full for yourself, below:

“Watermellon JollyRancher” is already available on iTunes and on Spotify.

And, get to know more about the pimp God himself with the exclusive interview below:

Q: What Inspires Your Music?

A: “Life inspires my music, just to live everyday. The things everyone and myself go through, you know what I’m saying?”

Q: What Inspired This Latest Single?

A: “Females, I love women and the things you can do with women – you know me being an adult, I have adult thoughts and I just love oral sex and women who love that too.”

Q: What Else Do You Have Planned For Your Music This Year?

A: “Well, music to me is spontaneous but on the business side I plan to get on a couple of tours, do more shows, and release new singles. I mean as I keep living you’ll keep hearing what I’m living.”

Q: What Artists In The Industry Would You Consider Collaborating With?

A: “Man a lot of people ask me that question and I gotta say the same thing. Anyone that makes real music and want to work with me.”


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