Grammy-nominated Super Producer Jay E is back and ready to dominate the charts again.  This time the diamond-selling producer and deejay has released the much buzzed about “Jay E Presents” album which features a host of St.  Louis’ best talent including Chingy, Nelly, J.R, Fresco Kane and the much-anticipated music of Tef Poe.  “I wanted to do something for the city.  Something that brought us all together” said Jay E who is one-third of Basement Beats.  The production duo is responsible for 30 million records sold and has had more than their share of sitting at the top of the Billboard chart.  But for Jay E its always been about the music.  I love music and I’m always evolving and learning.  I like teaching other producers as well.  Jay E often posts tutorials and behind the scenes of his “making of the beat” which seem to attract a lot of people on Instagram.  He says he’s excited about working with Tef Poe because his music is something fresh and is attractive to the younger generation as much as, the older generation. “A lot of people are going to like the records.  I mean Tef Poe gets so much love from so many different groups of people, and other musicians as well so the energy around the project is just good all around.  J.R is really good too, so you guys have to look out for his music as well.  There’s something for everyone on this project,” said Jay E.  As for the next compilation project Jay E says he will work with national artists outside of St. Louis and the Midwest.  For now, he’s finally gotten the rappers people thought would never come together on one project.  If that’s not a great start its definitely a win for St. Louis.  You can follow Jay E on Instagram @jayebeats314.    “Smokers Anthem” featuring Tef Poe

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