Signed to Lil Durk, OTF’s King Von is quickly making a name for himself as the future of Chicago’s drill movement. Praised for his incredible way with words, he’s a natural-born storyteller whose lyrics come to life like a cinematic film. Since commanding Youtube less than a year ago with his massive street hit “Crazy Story” (39M views), he’s accumulated a huge fanbase (380K monthly listeners on Spotify, 480K on IG) who cling on to his every word like hood commandments.
Delving deep into Von’s past, the new tape positions him as the heir to a long line of Chicago gangsters, including Black Disciples founder “King” David Barksdale, from whom Von derives his rap name.  Building off a series of buzzing singles and guest appearances, Grandson, Vol. 1 provides a compelling portrait of the Only The Family signee, providing insight into his family upbringing, his stints in prison, and his grappling with rap fame.
“When I was in jail, I got the name ‘Grandson’ because I reminded people of King David,” says King Von. “The older guys in jail, guys who were around when David was around, would call me that, cause I carried myself like him–‘you like David’s grandson.’ King David was a legendary figure, and a guy that everybody looked up to. He ran the streets with his own morals, and his own code, and that’s the code I live by too. That’s why people call me Grandson. Everybody wanted to follow me, and be around me.” – King Von on album premise

Grandson Vol. 1 tracklist:

  • 1. Went Silly
    2. Tuff
    3. Crazy Story
    4. What It’s Like
    5. F*ck Yo Man
    6. Twin Nem (Feat. Lil Durk)
    7. No Flaws
    8. Jet (Feat. Booka600)
    9. Crazy Story 2.0 (Feat. Lil Durk)
    10. War Wit Us
    11. Crazy Story, Part 3
    12. Mama’s Boy
    13. Hoes Ain’t Shit