Brae Gromek, better known by his stagename Gromo, is a fast-rising New York City recording artist building a wave for himself with his new song, “Roll”.

A crafty smooth vibe, “Roll” delivers a great cadence, catchy sing-a-long hook, and buzzworthy concept that is gearing up for an impactful Summer run. Gromo exhibits a similar hit-making factor that has birthed many of today’s radio friendly superstars.

Gromo is becoming a much hyped new star as he becomes more aware to the music industry. Becoming the youngest DJ to play the iconic Ultra Music Festival at the tender age of 16. Played in Miami, Gromo’s journey so far has taken him international, playing in Japan, Bali, and Europe.

As “Roll” continues to grow, Gromo’s sound is ever-evolving and define the ever-progressing music landscape. “Roll” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan of the emerging artist.

Listen to Gromo’s new song, “Roll” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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