Guap Tarantino is going to be huge. I’m talking superstar big. You are looking a Heavy D meets Future on steroids. He has the swagger and drip to catch your attention. Guap music is strictly for the streets. Soon as you hear his music it runs through your body. It brings back being in the club and just being lit the entire night. Guap Tarantino has that “Dirty Sprite” type vibe going right now. The youth of Atlanta is tuned in to Guap Tarantino. His sound is well polished and groomed. You can tell Guap’s been in the studio with some artist heavyweights. Also he is signed with Future label FBG. Guap Tarantino is a lowlife 4 life which is a charm he wears on his necklace.

Guap Tarantino latest project “Geico” will be a classic. It’s the start of a superstar on his journey. This 8 track project is full of bangers. His single “Light Show” which features Future. Makes you want to go buy a watch, a necklace. or something to show off. Big money talk all over that record. “Wilt Chamberlain” is one of my favorites. I keep that one on repeat daily. “Loose Screw” him and Young Thug go back and forth. Guap Tarantino is the next biggest thing out of Atlanta. You have to mark my works. You have Gunna, Lil Baby, and now Guap Tarantino. Would you say street trap music is back? With acts like this showing Atlanta trap sound is coming back full circle. Before, you had T.I, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and 2 Chainz. Good to see the new generation is carrying that torch proudly. Do you yourself a favor and get hip to Guap Tarantino today. Tell somebody, the production on the project is next level as well. Guap is an underdog but not for to long.