Written By: Bryson “Boom” Paul

Gucci Mane has shown a lot of growth since his last stint in prison. However, surprisingly enough, during a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God, a glimpse of the old Gwop returned when discussing a past, now infamous, interview on the Breakfast Club.

On a press run, in support of his new project, Gucci Mane sat down with the popular correspondent to discuss the artist’s growth after 14 years in Hip Hop. While taking a trip down memory lane, recalling the last time Gucci Mane was on the popular radio show, hosted by Charlamagne-himself with DJ Envy and Angela Yee, Gucci Mane refused to apology about his actions during the interview, accusing Angela Yee of flirtatious offers to the Atlanta legend in a past interview through subliminal messaging.

Last week, news reports began surfacing that Gucci Mane was banned from Power 105’s The Breakfast Club after his label, Atlantic Records, denied an interview request for the “Wasted” hitmaker with the trio. During this one-on-one, CthaGod reveals he had no knowledge of Gucci being banned nor his interview being denied. Gucci followed up stating he feels he doesn’t have to apologize to Angela Yee for his comments and reveals he is waiting to see DJ Envy face-to-face for negative statements following the infamous interview.

At the 54:03 mark of the interview, Gucci Mane set the record straight and begins calling the Power 105 DJ, “Envy is Pussy, Man”. Continuing with a declaration he is going to see Envy face-to-face and ask him about the disrespect and stand behind his words and threatens to slap him if he presses the issue. Charlamagne attempts to offer a discussion that Gucci instantly declined and said, “…There’s no getting past it… I’ma see him.”

Gucci Mane went on to reveal DJ Envy has been slapped before for negative comments, reassured that Angela Yee propositioned sex and both banned him from the Breakfast Club.

It’s definitely safe to say that Gucci Mane has solidified a lifetime ban from the #1 Hip Hop radio show. More as this story develops.

Watch the complete interview below and stream Gucci’s new project, Woptober 2, HERE.