Back in February, Young Dolph’s SUV was shot 100 times during the annual CIAA event in North Carolina. Dolph managed to come out of the altercation unscathed due to the fact that his truck was bullet proof and it even inspired his latest project which is titled Bulletproof, no pun intended. Ever since the incident happened the police have been searching for any suspects, but it looks like they might have found out whose behind it all.

Earlier today Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta born Sammie Benson, along with two of his associates turned themselves into the police after multiple warrants were issued for their arrest in connection with the shooting. This is an interesting turn of events, but I’m not surprised because Dolph and Blac Youngsta have a history together, stemming from Yo Gotti’s beef with Young Dolph.This is also not the first time this has happened with Dolph’s sprinter being shot at last year at CIAA as well.

Keep it locked for any updates on the situation.