When you’re emerging from the streets of Harlem, in pursuit of a music career you have some tuff shoes to fill. With all of the celebrated artists from Harlem-World, being donned “Next Up” isn’t only remarkable but it’s quite impressive. Meet SNUBBS, a 23-year-old musician with a growing fan base who’s receiving major recognition! He’s been on the music scene since the age of 16. In High School, his song “Throw That Bacc” went viral and his fan base was birthed since then!

Fast forward to today, SNUBBS has worked with artist such as Dave East, Jay Critch, ASAP Rocky and 6ix9ine! His melodic sound mixed with his lyrical swag is more than enough to go toe to toe with Hip Hop heavyweights. To whom much is given much is required and for SNUBBS, consistency is his method. His last release “Masked Up” received over 100k streams in five short weeks with little promotion.

SNUBBS meets Hip Hop requirements—in fact he’s overqualified. He was born into music and has since been a student of the game. He may only be 23 years old, but this young man has years of life experience striving for respect and success from his stomping grounds; the streets of The Bronx and Harlem. You may have heard of other artists who are considered “hot”, however SNUBBS is definitely the blue flame of upcoming artists.

His new single, Fumble is a high energy, up-tempo record filled with crafty metaphors and addictive melodies. When interviewed about the meaning of new track “Fumble” he stated “In general the song is about not taking any opportunities for granted; none. That’s the Fumble that a lot of people do in life– in many aspects. So it’s a message to all of my competition that when I take my shot it’s swish!” As you listen, SNUBBS’ slick tongue and killer production will take your heart.

Listen Below.

Written By: @MissJayyiah