When you mention The High Enterprise, you know it’s a crew of standup individuals making waves in not only Harlem, but the entire East coast.

UFO Fev has been making his stamp in the game, now it’s Dev Jeter’s turn.

Dev recently released the newest visual for his quick-strike jam “Project Kid,” directed by King Ajna.

Dev chopped it up with The Rapfest, explaining the inspiration behind his joint. Jeter said, “The video came about in order to show that even though we come from a survival-of-the fittest-environment, the grind don’t stop.”

The grind hasn’t stopped for Dev, as well as his entire team at The High. Dev has been learning from one of the best, with The High’s captain UFO Fev being his blood cousin. When speaking on Fev, Jeter said “I’ve been right beside him every step of the way soaking up game.”

I’ve personally seen how The High moves as a unit. They keep their eyes on the prize, leaving distractions to the wayside. Dev agrees with these sentiments:  “Even though we’re a team, we amplify each individual to unlock their potential. We keep each other focused and progressing. When it works smoothly, it makes success that much better sharing it with those loyal to you, and the people who put in those hours with you.”

There’s no word on when Dev is releasing a new project, but if he keeps dropping records like these, we’ll be right behind him.

Check out “Project Kid” below, and be on the lookout for more jams by Dev.