Success is being independent and doing what you want to do. It does not take millions to live how you want. Do not take things personal. A lot of people will promise you things but you have to be strong and passionate – Quez


Quez is a talented Hip Hop artist from Atlanta, GA with a realistic flow that anyone can mostly relate to. He started at a young age into music and began to take it serious when he met his current manager in a studio. Through many trial and error, he learned that not every in Atlanta is who they say they are. Though he has a very busy schedule, he takes time to set a schedule for important things like events, new music, and appearances.

In 2019, Quez has plans to start the #NonBullying campaign which will introduced into school systems to teach young children the importance of non-violence and that it is okay to be safe. Stay tuned for January 18 as he drops his new single “Stand For Something”.

Written by: Brian Lamont