Born in Washington D.C but Raised in Greenville, South Carolina it did not take very long for recording artist Shyland Flowers to find his calling in life. Shayland tells the based on a true story journey to the top in the new EP, entitled, ‘Shyology’.

Starting out as the neighborhood battle MC and slowing working into one of his city’s most revered wordsmiths. Shyland is best known for his impressive storytelling abilities because there is always a bigger picture within a bigger picture when it comes to a Shyland project. He’s honed his style to be completely his own, but it is easy when listening to rattle off a list of the many greats you can hear as his top-notch influences such As Jay-Z, Nas, Outkast, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kanye West, And many more of the greats.

Setting up to his April album release, listen to the 6-track teaser below, courtesy of Spotify.