Born and raised in New York, Hefna380 is the latest indie artist to do incredible numbers. Last month, he shared his single “I Gotta Go!” via SoundCloud. It shockingly did a solid fifty-thousand views for Hefna’s first release. Today, we sat down with the 19-year-old artist to discuss his success. Peep the interview below.
Walk me through your childhood, who were some of your biggest impacts?
Ever since I was younger, modeling was a huge passion. I feel as though modeling comes daily, who doesn’t like to take pictures. Its always inspiring putting on a nice outfit and taking very nice. This inspired me since I was eleven.

 What artists did you listen to growing up?

Growing up, my childhood had many big influences like Michael Jackson. My mom played all the time throughout the house along with The Journey. They were a big influence that’s another one my mom played throughout the house, I knew a lot of their songs. Kanye West was a big one every day for me.

 You mentioned doing modeling, was that a passion of yours?

I will continue to model in the future because I feel modeling plays a big key with rapping. It’s like a dynamic duo before a show, in the booth, snippet videos, and covert art. Rappers post photos of themselves on Instagram. Modeling is definitely favorited by most rappers.

Tell me a bit about your debut single.

My debut single, “I Gotta Go,” did 50K streams in a month. As my first song, that is astounding to me. It almost makes me wanna cry primarily because I knew I could do it. The track correlates to the actions I have to make and pursue now towards the fake people in my life trying to enter my life

Were your parents supportive of you creating music?

My parents were supportive of me creating music because they have seen from the beginning. Growing up in a West Indian family, my parents were never and still aren’t supportive of violence and profanity. After viewing my song my parents became high supporters knowing my music had nothing to do with “violence” and “profanity.”