The establishment of Hip Hop  in the late 1970’s changed the music industry forever. We will always be grateful for our Hip Hop pioneers creating a genre like no other. Often, when the beginnings of Hip Hop is on topic, the men are credited for shaping the prolific genre.

While we appreciate those men dearly, here at The RapFest, we also want to shine light on the women that helped shape the Hip Hop movement into the most influential one that it was and still stands to be today. Women have been breaking down tight-fisted barriers in the Hip Hop game since its start – don’t get it twisted. From break-dancing, producing, photography, rapping, and entrepreneurship, women have always managed to leave their mark and will continue to do so in the Hip Hop industry for a lifetime.  I mean, let’s be real here, what would life be without the creation of a woman?

Below are some of  the women who have soared higher heights in the game of hip hop.


Sylvia Robinson

Image result for sylvia robinsonAlso known as the Mother of Hip-Hop , Sylvia was the founder and CEO of Hip-Hop’s first rap label Sugar Hill Records. Starting off as a blues singer, Sylvia then pioneered her way within the hip hop realms. Sylvia was the driving force behind two hip hop classics, “Rappers Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang and “The Message” by Grand Master Flash.

Sylvia Robinson left behind her hip-hop empire in which her family inherited and still carries on today. Earlier this year in January, the new generation of the Robinson family aired their reality TV series, First Family of Hip Hop, on Bravo. The reality show showcases Sugar Hill Record’s status in the hip-hop industry today while informing viewers on Sylvia Robinson’s contribution to the hip-hop industry. Some of the timeless records that Sylvia Robinson produced has resurfaced itself in today’s tunes of Hip Hop and R&B; for example, Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind Feat Alicia Keys sampled Sylvia Robinson’s, Love on a Two-Way Street; A song in which she wrote for the late 196o’s group, The Moments.

Here is a video of Hip Hop’s early rap group , The Sugarhill Gang performing “Rappers Delight”.

Video Credit : Youtube


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