Andre 3000 selected to star in new film telling a story of convicts that enter a black hole.

High Life follows a group of inmates that choose to go on a mission into a black hole in exchange for less prison time. The group also is apart of some “sexual experimentation” according to Complex. The primary purpose of their voyage to the black hole, though? Alternative energy sources, according to IndieWire.

These “plot details” were shared last year.

Furthermore, the film was written collaboratively. The writing team includes an author, Zadie Smith, as well as the upcoming film’s Director, Claire Denis.

BET shares that a tweet was published back in August announcing the film’s cast.

Now, we learn that Andre 3000 has also been elected as part of the on-screen High Life team.

Andre 3000 has also appeared in films such as Idle Wild. He even played Jimi Hendrix in an autobiographical film of the late legend. The cast also includes, Robert Pattinson (Twilight), Ewan Mitchell (The Last Kingdom), and others.

Further, Adventure has been the most popular genre of film for a little over a decade, according to Statista. However, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been named the “highest grossing domestic release of all time“. So, it should certainly be interesting to watch Denis’ take on Sci-Fi with High Life. Additionally, to see how the Sci-Fi feature does at the Box Office. According to BET, though, there is still no release date for the project.

Ultimately, we are left to wait for more details and check out the behind-the-scenes posts as we receive them.