HI$IVE puts on for Texas and H-Town in a big way. Understand HI$IVE is no rookie when it comes to this rap game. He’s been on his grind for a while and been on some top-notch platforms. HI$IVE isn’t worried about keeping up with no trends. He’s a trendsetter delivery original sounds to his audience. The music feel like a Curren$y version but Texas style. Straight back pack music for the hippie smokers. Smoke Dza would be another artist to compare HI$IVE sound to. He has lyrics and it’s just not some soundcloud mumble rap. He’s big on his visuals and makes sure he pushes them long enough to gain attention.

HI$IVE is back but this time he returns with a few homies. For His new visual “Taste Of Heaven” features Tim Woods and George Young. It’s a dope video with a smokers vibe. Looks like HI$IVE took over a local art gallery. The visual matched the record just perfect. Good to see the art work vibe with the music world. This may be the future of hip hop and creating that lifestyle that’s needed. Feels like some high-end smokers edition music. These guys are busting flows all around this gallery. You can even see painters actually finishing up canvases in the video. Didn’t one thing slow down this motion movie. The record is relaxing and will make you put a 3.5 in a cigar. Hi$IVE is staying true to this music. So far the sky is the limit for him and his movement. With so many rappers dying their hair and sounding like each other. Someone like HI$IVE creates a perfect balance. This record should get chopped and screwed. Keep your eyes open for Hi$IVE he’s never slowing down. In the meantime check out his latest visual below for “Taste Of Heaven”