It seems almost common to see someone sleeping on the streets with the epidemic of homelessness in The United States. Yet, Hip Hop Cares is not as indifferent.

Hip Hop Cares in Kentucky was founded by Jeff Gill. The group meets every Sunday to help those homeless individuals in Louisville to know that they are not alone.

“The most common denominator for a lot of people who live on the streets is they have lost hope and they don’t get treated with respect in a lot of cases…”

-Jeff Gill via Wave 3

Further, apparently, recent storms left many with even less.

“After the 24-hour rains, a lot of the people lost nearly everything… I filled my car up with everything that I could fill it up with like water, lunches and clothes… I just drove around the city because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into…”

-Gill via Wave 3

The homeless in Louisville can find Hip Hop Cares of Kentucky at South 1st and Broadway. Volunteers can contact Gill on the group’s outreach page, here. The outreach involves free hair cuts as well as distribution of toiletries, clothes, and food. Every. Sunday.

Hip Hop is out here influencing non-profits and that is always worth talking about.