The Hip-Hop Community Unites To Help Houston Residents in Need After Hurricane Harvey

At a time when thousands are being displaced and thousands more seek immediate assistance, Kevin Hart calls on the celebrity community to participate in the Hurricane Harvey Challenge. We have seen a multitude of social media challenges and it is very amazing to see someone using their platform to bring attention to a very serious situation.

Even before Kevin Hart made his plea to social media there were people coming out in droves to support the community of Houston. The owner of the Houston Rockets single highhandedly donated 4 million to Houston and after the situation grew more serious he increased his donation to 10 million.

In the past 24 hours we have seen 10+ entertainers accept Kevin Hart’s Challenge and match his initial donation of 25,000 which has also now increased to 50,000. Other than calling out other entertainers Hart has set up a site with over 2 thousand participants and almost 1 million dollars donated. The Rock, Ti, Waka Flocka, Chris Brown, Dj Khaled, Nicki Minaj and Sy Ari Da Kid have all answered Kevin Hart’s challenge donating more than 200 thousand dollars collectively. Other entertainers that have stepped up to the plate to help Houston include Beyonce, Drake, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The Kardashian family has also donated a combined 500 thousand dollar donation. Blac Youngsta is holding his own fundraiser event to help residents of Houston as well.

Aside from people donating and starting their own fundraisers artists like Marquis Trill are forming teams to actively help the people who need it the most. Marquis has started a campaign with John Gray and Facebook to gather boats, jet skis and anything else that can be used to rescue people still in need in Houston. When asked about the motivation for this campaign he says: “A lot of people need help right now, not one or two weeks later.” He continues: “Our main goal is to assist the first responders and to be able to bring as many people to safety as we possibly can.”

This is a moment in history many people will look back on and be reminded of how much good can come when we work together for a great cause. We commend Kevin Hart and everyone that is actively lending a hand to assist those in the Houston community who are in need. Thank you to those who have given their lives to help the Houston community, your service is very much appreciated. If you would like to donate you can do so here, or with your favorite organization. Thank You !