Wassup everybody, I hope you all had a great year and holiday season. If not, it’s a new year, leave the bullshit in 2016 and start fresh.

Every Monday, the staff and I are going to pick an up-and-coming independent artist that we feel is making some significant noise in the game. We are going to highlight some of their achievements, giving you a glimpse of who they are.

We kick off our “Staff Pick” series this week with Mista Splurge, who hails from Newark, New Jersey aka “Brick City.”  The Jersey spitter, known for his love for 90’s fashion, particularly FUBU and is determined to bring it back; he has worked with the likes of Lil Yatchy, A$AP Ant, and Uno The Activist. Back in November, he released his debut EP “Bite Down”. And look out for his full-length project ” “Life & Times of Jerome Jhamal Vol. 1” dropping sometime in 2017.

Check out our interview with Mista Splurge below and make sure to stream the Brick City emcee’s latest release “Bite Down” as well.

  1. What artists would you say influenced your sound and style?
  • Artists that influenced my sound are Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, Fabolous, Chief Keef, and Raekwon. My style is influenced by LL cool J, Cam’ron, Mase, Gucci Mane, and Dipset.


  1.  Was there anything or anyone in particular who pushed you to pursue rapping and when did you start taking it seriously?
  • No one pushed me to pursue rap. Honestly, females used to always say I had a way with words and the homies always said I was good at freestyling. The thing that triggered me was the love I have for the art itself. As a whole I never got the chance to finish college for film directing and other things so I started taking rap seriously because this one opportunity can knock down numerous doors. 



  1.  I know you are big on bringing FUBU back. What is Fubu’s significance to you?
  • FUBU stands for For. Us. By. Us, the meaning of the acronym itself just says a lot. Plus it’s a black owned company that was launched through a Gap commercial starring LL cool J who is one of my biggest influences. I always like to stand apart from others. When I was rocking designer people weren’t doing that and when they jumped on the bandwagon I just went left and popped out with the Fubu. Thanks to my guy Max Julien. 


  1.  What’s next for Mista Splurge?
  • The next big move for me is to release my first official full length project entitled “Life & Times of Jerome Jhamal vol. 1” with the production handled by my in house producers. I also will be dropping a lot of visuals, merchandise, and doing shows. 2017 my foot will remain on the neck of the competition, no more letting up. 


  1. Is there anything you would like to add?
  • I’m an independent artist with my own label “Purple Label” with in house   everything. I write all my songs and most of them are inspired from my own experiences or someone close to me.