Lil Jon was mentioned here on The RAPFEST, last, in regard to Remy’s initiating beef with Nicki Minaj. Now, Jon has more recently made headlines for a heartwarming deed.

While the U.S. literacy rate was said to have not changed in 10 years in 2013, Ghana currently has a population of approximately 23% of people who are illiterate. Contrastively, only 14% of the U.S. population was said to be illiterate in 2013. The people within this group in Ghana usually are between the ages of 15 years and older.

Now, Jon is said to have partnered with Pencils of Promise to combat the literacy issue.

Pencils of Promise is a non-profit founded with a mission of providing “every single child… [with] access to a quality education”. That said, there have been recent instances in books crafting historical events. Further, though Lil Jon was sued for copying “Turn Down For What” with DJ Snake. This single peaked at #4 on Bill Board’s Hot 100 in June ’14. Ultimately, some might question the effectiveness of the institution that has been put in place and the motives behind the recent feat. However, the school was dedicated to the Abomayaw community and in honor of his mother. So, at least Jon is doing something positive in the world right? Plus, according to BET, “…Before the school was built students were forced to attend school in sheds and were unable to continue their studies during rainy days…”.

This school being open is a monument to education and in honor of Lil Jon’s fight against diabetes. This diabetes advocacy is a fight the Atlanta-born Hip Hop Artist is said to have officially started in 2014. After his mother passed away in 2013- he picked up the torch. Though his mother raised awareness through her life’s example, Jon opted to use his voice after the loss. Ultimately, the late Carrie M. Smith (Jon’s mother) has a memorial in her honor. Additionally, because of this remembrance to Jon’s mom, Ghanians can learn. Maybe it was something she’d always wanted to do too. If so- double ovations to him on this feat.

Check out a photo he shared to Instagram a few days after the school’s inauguration on October 12th:

This attainment brings to mind other Hip Hop Artists that have also advised education over time. Artists such as Diddy, Talib Kweli, and Ludacris all went to college. Diddy even opened a school last year. Additionally, celebrities such as Madonna, Pitbull, and Serena Williams have also opened schools. It is clear these Entertainers believe in the famous quote, “Knowledge is power”, huh? It is equally as evident that Hip Hop and Entertainment has played a major part in access to education.

That said, rep’ yo school.