Whenever we’re given the opportunity to collaborate with other dope brands, we make sure to seize the moment!  Capitalizing on all that is hip hop, what makes sense in this world is for the highest genre of music to join forces with the best thing smoking since the world wide web – tech.

The tech industry is an evolving door at the Empire State Building, it never stops turning and the money will continue churning; from smart phones to smart speakers, gaming consoles, talks of computers taking over as they learn to adapt to human nature, we linked up with the premiere Hip Hop dedicated mobile app Rapchat co-founder, Ohio native Pat Gibson, former aspiring rapper who under the moniker P-Holla sold beats to MTV and others, opened up for Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, MGK, Rockie Fresh and more; worked at few startups and specialized in Social Media marketing/advertising for Fortune 500 companies prior to launching his app with partner Seth Miller, a freestyle-loving, self-taught coder who built the earlier iterations of the app.  Talking the app’s conception through their love & longtime admiration for the genre of Hip Hop, these two hip hop techies are onto something.

Rapchat is the best way for today’s rap enthusiasts to create, collaborate, and connect with tomorrow’s stars.

With over 1.5M active users to download the app this past year, 100M+ listens on raps created to date, 80,000 raps recorded EACH day, 10M plays on raps/beats per month, and $1.6M in seed money raised, we had to make the conversation happen while also throwing in a slight spin on things, inviting some of New York’s hottest upcoming rappers to freestyle on the App, live on camera.

Be sure to check out the interview and freestyles below and let us know what you think, and who we should interview next!

Shout out these dope rappers for coming through and blessing the app for our interview purposes:




@fleeego & @bamvito5k

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Video shot & edited by JR Media