After 20 million records sold, Billboard charting and Grammy nods, Saint Cassius has had the career success that rivals your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. In 2010, the Atlanta based (by way of the Bronx) lyricist co-wrote and produced Bruno Mars ’ debut single, “Just the Way You Are” and has not stopped pushing the boundaries of Hip-Hop, Soul and Popular music. Now stepping into the forefront in a completely different lane, he presents to the world the debut of his trilogy album set, ANALO G , on Vinyl Crown Records.
ANALOG is musical manifesto crafted by Saint Cassius to speak to the world about the importance of standing in your own organic truth and presenting art that resonates with you first— and then the world. Showcasing his affinity for classic samples & live instrumentation this project reflects a time where the heart of a song was in the base, the spirit within the melody and the message interwoven in the lyrics throughout each of the 10-tracks offered.
Subject matter ranges from pop your collar anthems like “We Make It Look Good” to collaborating with
RO James, on a sentimental ode to women in “Hey Beautiful Girl” and featuring live instrumentation from Cassius the musician— he plays piano and trumpet on the album further nodding to the great music that everyone seems to yearn for.

A gem nuzzled in one song is Power actor now artist, Omari Hardwick ’s guest appearance on the albums more serious track “Analog Dreams” which touches subjects including the value of trap music and net neutrality. While Analog touches on a wide gamut of subjects, it is a fun album sure to make your musical collection completed. In addition to Cassius, production includes tracks from legendary hit-maker DJ Toomp ( Jay-Z , Kanye West , Lil’ Jon, T.I. , Nas ) and JF Clay .
Born in Hip Hop’s birthplace and raised in the capital of the Dirty South, Saint Cassius is an artist that lives in the paradox of northern rap’s lyricism and the cadence and emotion of southern hip hop. Leveraging his success as a musician and his love for the craft, he has established a creative collective based in the heart of Manhattan.The base for this community of wordsmiths, producers, vocalists and musicians is his home studio, Leila’s NYC, which has emerged as one of the hottest recording studios in the city. Not only was ANALOG recorded there, but Leila’s NYC
also houses his publishing entity, where such hits as J. Cole ’s “No Role Modelz” and Bryson Tiller ’s “Let Me Explain” are a part of the catalogue.

ANALOG will be available on all music platforms March 2nd and will be distributed by Vinyl Crown Recordings.

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