June 30th 2017 was the day Jay-Z graced the public with what was then a surprise album.  Leading up to the release of the album were promotions everywhere, but nobody knew what it was going to be.  As the date drew closer however, all signs pointed it to being Hov’s 13th studio album.  Sure enough, it was.

If I would be describing this album to somebody, I would say it’s an OG explaining his mistakes and teaching another young man how to maneuver through life.  Wether it be financially, personally, or emotionally, he’s dropping information that he’s learned along the way for all of the uninformed to pick up and use.  From his infidelity, to spending money and investing, he touches on it all during the course of the 10 track LP.

The replay value on this album is very high.  It’s not only filled with a lot of food for life, but he still showcases his excellent lyrical ability as well as his different flows, and ability to tell stories.  This wasn’t just another album though.  This album laid the blueprint down on how individuals should age in our culture, specifically in rap.  Of course there are a few exceptions to the rule, but for the most part you should age with your fanbase.  Fans love to hear the growth in artists and how far they’ve come.  Hov matured and gave us mature content in a way where it was easily digestible so everybody can get the message.  Wether you were 18 or 55, you got the message.  That is a gift.

Happy 1 year anniversary to 4:44.