Eminem debuted his Shade 45 radio station on October 28, 2004. This is a brand re-invention worth analysis, but first:

Select USA seriously puts streaming and satellite radio in perspective. As lucrative as this type of venture is for those financially invested, fans have some perks to look forward to too. While Eminem was named an Executive Producer on the satellite station deal those years ago, this was also a collaborative effort. Executive Producers of Shade 45 include Shady Records, Interscope Records, and Sirius.

“This channel is the vision of Eminem, as well as the vision we had for it at Sirius…”

-Steve Blatter (Sirius) via NY Times

Again, this is standard now- Hip Hop Artist venturing into other markets. Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, T.I., and many more have expanded to tech.

Over time, Musicians, like other businesses and brands, have kept it fresh for fans- and technology has played a major role in the development.

That said, perks! First, consumers get to see our favorite Artists in diverse professional settings with undertakings like Eminem’s. Additionally, this content is delivered in increasingly convenient ways. Shade 45 satellite radio can be accessed on mobile phones, laptops, computers, and car stereos. It is even available “On Demand” for a fee. That’s looking out for your fans at all times. Further, some streaming requires subscriptions, but you can stream Sirius free online.

We have also since seen stations like OVO Sound Radio appear.

Though instant gratification has been wreaking havoc on focus for years now, not only is this smart business, it makes being a fan supremely satisfying right now. An Eminem fan could always access various content from him- a podcast on Sirius, a throwback track from his hit discography, or a clip in a documentary. It might mean we’re greedy too. Addicted? Obsessed? Easily tempted?

Essentially, there’s no such thing as “enough” when it comes to our favorites, right? Where do you listen to music most? In the car? On your phone in your headphones? On your laptop?

Technology will undoubtedly continue to change the way we as consumers consume music. Similarly, ventures, like Eminem’s 13 years ago today, will assuredly do the same. This also means we as consumers will increasingly share alternative experiences with our favorite Artists as their brands continue to develop.

Thanks for thinking of us, Em’.

Ultimately, tech initiatives like this in Hip Hop means a win for the culture and consumer.

Power to the people.