Finally Rich is arguably one of the best projects to drop in 2012.  That sounds crazy considering the albums that dropped that year.  You had Kendrick’s classic album Good Kid M.A.A.D City, Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, and you even had Game’s Jesus Piece album which is severely slept on in my most arrogant opinion.  Then you have Chicago sensation Chief Keef and his debut effort Finally Rich.

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Dropping December 18th 2012, Chief Keef probably had the biggest buzz around him since, well, I don’t know when (If you heard the original version of Love Sosa you got that line).  The buzz came because his story was compelling.  He was on house arrest for having an altercation with police and he had a gun.  He was 16 years old.  So he was put on house arrest.  That’s when he recorded and dropped the video that would change his life forever, I Don’t Like.  That song featuring his fellow rapper Lil Reese, took off.  It was just a video of him and his gang members in his house, jumping around and waving a lot of artillery.  It garnered millions of views in only a few days.  Of course today that isn’t a feat but in 2012, only the elites could pull off such an accomplishment.  Mind you this was all organically.

The song caught the eye of fellow Chicago legend Kanye West.  She he did the official remix to the song and added Pusha T, Big Sean, and Jadakiss for good measure.  So in a sense he had a huge hit in the spring of 2012, the remix carried him basically until it was time for him to drop his debut album.

They rode out that single until October, then he dropped something that was arguably amongst the youth song of the year, Love Sosa.  To this day, it is his biggest hit behind of course only I Don’t Like.  This song didn’t get an official remix, it was just that good.  So with a song like that, the album couldn’t disappoint now, it just couldn’t, and sure enough, it didn’t.

It peaked at 29 on the Billboard 200 and just went platinum a month or so ago.  That isn’t an accurate depiction of the influence he had.  Amongst my generation, this was the biggest release of that year.  Yes, there may have been better albums that year in terms of rapping, but nobody had the type of popularity that he had.  With amazing song after amazing song, there’s probably one skip on the entire album.  He not only influenced a whole generation of Chicago rappers, but a young rappers in general.  Many have gotten a lot of shine copying his blueprint, his rap style, or even his slang.

He was the first person to get offered an Apple Music deal, he turned it down.  Looking back at it because hindsight is always 20/20, that wasn’t the correct move, but it definitely can make the story a lot more interesting.

Happy 5th Birthday Finally Rich.