It’s been 15 years since rapper 50 Cent dropped his Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

15 years! In today’s world, that was an eternity ago.  Do you remember what you were doing 15 years ago, I mean, aside from popping stereo systems with the nostalgia of what has come to be 50 Cent?

Today, one of the greatest albums in Hip-Hop history is honored on its birthday.  February 6th, 2003 was the date rapper 50 Cent dropped his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, released under Shady Records, Aftermath, Interscope, and Universal.  It was set to release February 13th, but due to the immense number of bootlegs circulating the streets, they released it earlier.

Before Vitamin Water, before Power, 50 was responsible for an entire era of acceptable beef stirring and killing careers of certain beloved rappers.  Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ earned 50 one of the biggest debut albums in Hip-Hop history, as well as one of the highest selling albums in Hip-Hop history.  Peaking at #1 on the Billboard 200, the album sold over 872,000 in the first week, making it a whopping certified Gold album in that time span.  Producing 3 different #1 hits including, “In Da Club”, “P.I.M.P.”, and “21 Questions” featuring the late great Nate Dogg. Get Rich is now 8x platinum, and was a runner up at the 46th Grammy Awards for best rap album.

Who won you might ask?

Oukast’s Speakerboxxx/TheLoveBelow.  But, no debate here.

15 years later, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ withstands the test of time.   The sound remains timeless, the lyrics are still great and at the top of mind; one gets into a serious frenzy at the drop of “In Da Club”, while in the club, and can recite every line word for word like a nursery rhyme.  The album is still cohesive; from start to finish, front to back, an amazing album.  Wish we could say the same about the movie. (lol it’s just jokes!)

Happy 15th Birthday to Get Rich or Die Tryin’.