Over the course of his career, this Music Industry vet has given us plenty to praise.

As an Artist, and Producer, out of Harlem, NY, we saw Diddy work his way into Hip Hop and R&B from the ground up to where he is today. As he built his name in the game, he collaborated with some of the most successful Artists the world of Entertainment has ever seen. These Artists, including Mase, Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans, and Biggie Smalls, left their mark on music- just like Diddy.

Check it out:

Puff’s music changed the Entertainment Industry and still influences music today. Similarly, his music is inspired.

Additionally, not one to settle, P. Diddy not only led a label, but a fashion brand. Now, Diddy is the most financially successful Hip Hop Artist of 2017. This isn’t the first time Puff owned this list either.  Diddy also held the number one spot on Forbes’ list of “hip hop’s wealthiest Artists” last year.

Most recently, Puffy hosted DJ Khaled’s son’s birthday party.

On top of all this, he even more recently dropped a track with Jeezy, ran a marathon, and was announced as a “Documentary Award” recipient.

Born in 1969, the acclaimed Artist celebrates 48 years of life. What’s your favorite Diddy track?

You have now been challenged to listen to it “all night long”. Happy Birthday, Diddy!