15 years ago today, June 10th 2003, Joe Budden dropped his self titled debut LP.  He released the album via On Top, and Def Jam Recordings (Let him tell it they would be called Deaf Jam).  The majority of the production came from Whiteboyz Noize as well as Just Blaze and Lofey.  The album sported features from Busta Rhymes, Lil Mo, and 112.  It was also executively produced by the two people who practically discovered him, Webb & Nitty.  With a combination of all those things, you would think the album would be a huge success.  By today’s standards, 92,000 records sold in the first week is pretty great. 15 years ago? Not so much.  It had nothing to do with the contents of the album because it flows pretty well.  It had more to do with the label and their lack of promoting Joe in my opinion.  The roster at Def Jam was loaded at the time so you can see where he would get lost in the building, but the fact that he’s still around today say’s it probably would’ve been a great investment.

Joe Budden sported one of the biggest songs of it’s decade with “Pump It Up” which still plays at any age appropriate party today.  This album was released back when lyrics actually mattered in rap music, so it was received really well by the majority of the rap critics.  Among all of the publications, the album either received a 4/5 rating, or an 8/10 which are amazing ratings.

With Joe in media now, we miss the top tier lyricism that he provides.  However, he grant’s us with new content every week with his podcast “The Joe Budden Podcast” w/ Rory and Mal.  He’s turned himself to one of hip-hop media’s biggest personalities and critics.  He’s also recently signed with Revolt TV for another show that he’s curating and that is set to drop within the coming months.  So it’s safe to say, rapping is the last thing on the retired rappers mind.


Happy Birthday to the album Joe Budden!