With all that’s going on with Lil Uzi’s “hacked” instagram account, it’s only right I acknowledge one of his best projects to date (Quote’s around hacked because it isn’t really hacked in my opinion).  Lil Uzi Vert vs The World is Uzi’s third mixtape, but only his second one to the general public.  If you weren’t up on Uzi VERY early, then you won’t really know that his first ever mixtape was titled The Real Uzi.  If his mixtape title rings a bell, it’s because he got inspiration from the film “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”.

This mixtape was a very important one for Uzi.  He was on the Young Thug’s Slime Season 2 track “Big Racks” which is the intro. Thugga was really hot at the time so that was a great look. Like a savvy veteran, Uzi released Luv Is Rage right before Thugga released Slime Season.  So when they hear him on the intro and they’re curious about who he is, boom, he has a whole new project you can listen to.  When his buzz got really big off that mixtape, he couldn’t disappoint with his second effort and that’s when he came with Lil Uzi Vert vs The World.

The singles “Money Longer”, “You Was Right”, and “Ps & Qs” propelled the “mixtape” to 37 on the US Billboard 200.  The project charted for 55 straight weeks, so that’s really a big accomplishment.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Lil Uzi Vert vs The World.  By the way, this project is still responsible for one of the best intro’s of the last 5 years.