13 years ago today, one of the greatest rappers of our generation and arguably ever dropped his debut solo album Tha Carter on Universal via Cash Money Records.

As you can tell by the title and the album title, the artist is Lil Wayne.  This was his first solo project after his very successful days with the Hot Boyz came to an end.  Many people didn’t know what to expect from him because he wasn’t Cash Money’s flagship artist at the time, meaning he wasn’t the hottest on the label when the group disbanded.  He silenced a lot of naysayers with this debut solo effort.

With the help of the hit single produced by  Mannie Fresh “Go DJ”, the album debuted at 5 on the Billboard 200.  It sold 116,000 the first week and was certified as a Gold album by November of the same year.

This was the start of a legendary solo career and impressive run of albums and mixtapes.  His Tha Carter series has went on to become one of the most successful albums series in history.  With Tha Carter II being his classic album along with his most successful commercial album Tha Carter III followed up by Tha Carter IV, Wayne has etched a permanent spot in hiphop history.

He also has a spot in history for dropping some of the greatest mixtapes we’ve ever heard.  From The Dedication series, Sorry 4 The Wait 1 & 2, Da Drought series, and arguably one of the greatest mixtapes of all time No Ceilingz 1.  We won’t even get into his guest verses because there was a point in time in the mid 2000s where he was on everybody’s track spitting dylan.

Happy anniversary to Tha Carter!