Happy Birthday to the late member of TLC, Lisa Nicole Lopes, also better known by her stage name, Left Eye.

Lisa was born on May 27th, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Coming from a background of music, Lisa’s father was deemed to be very talented, playing various instruments such as the harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, and piano. 

After Lisa’s parents separated, she was later forced to live with her grandmother. At only the age of 10, Lisa became aware of her musical talents and took the initiative to create her own trio in which they solely sung gospel music.

Some years later at the age of 19, Lisa decided to move to Atlanta to audition for a girls group she had heard about. With a seemingly natural connection with the girls, Lisa was able to solidify her position in the girl’s group which later became famously known as TLC. And here’s a fun fact, she gave Rozonda the name Chilli; moreover, Lisa was given the name “Left Eye” because someone said that they were attracted to her “left eye”, and ever since then she ran with it.

With much success came conflict but the young star didn’t let that get in her way. To break away from it all, Left Eye decided to leave the country to go to Honduras in Central America where she sought to detox her life with the assistance of the late Dr. Sebi.

On April 25, 2002, artist, Lisa Lopes, was announced dead. Though her life was short-lived, she left an unforgettable mark in music today. Her legacy and music will forever live on.

Rest in Peace Left Eye! Happy Birthday.