From the mid 90s to basically the mid 2000s, the illustrious Bad Boy Entertainment had the industry on lockdown.  From their roster, to the quality of music they put out, their style in threads which raised the bar on urban fashion to whole other level; they had a significant run in hip hop for sure.  Right towards the beginning of the run came Ma$e with his debut album Harlem World.

After BIG passed away in 1997, it was understood that Diddy, who went by Puff Daddy back then, needed a a few new acts to fill the big void that was left in Bad Boy. In came Ma$e.  He quickly rose to popularity with his verse on Biggie’s ultimate classic hit “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”, his overall energetic vibe, and loveable personality.  And after being thrusted into the spotlight, Ma$e spawned a classic hip-hop album.



Harlem World came with the 3 most notable singles; “Feel So Good”, “What You Want”, and “Lookin at Me”; all of which were top 10 singles with the album debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts, it sold over 270,000 units in the first week.  It has since gone 3 times platinum.

Joining him on the album were some of raps greatest like Jay-Z, Lil Kim, Busta Rhymes, The Lox, Total, and DMX; and the producer list is just as impressive.  From Puff (executive producer) to the Hitmen, Stevie J, The Neptunes, and Jermaine Dupree.

It was a great time in the culture.

Happy 20th year Anniversary to Harlem World.