Remember a few months back when T.I. was on a press run and did Angie Martinez’s show?  Remember when some people said that he was crazy when he said that he invented Trap Music?  Well today is the 14th Anniversary of T.I.’s second studio album Trap Music.  If you do the math, that means this album was released in 2003 which means if he wasn’t the first to actually do it, he was the first to stamp a name on it.

The album was released August 19th, 2003 on Atlantic Records via his brand new label Grand Hustle.  His debut album didn’t sell well at all, so he asked to have a joint partnership with Arista Records or otherwise be released from the label.  He was later dropped.  This was for his best interest because that’s how he got his deal with Atlantic and ultimately got his own label.

This album was responsible for 4 hit singles; 24’s, Be Easy, Rubber Band Man, and Let’s Get Away with appearances from 8Ball  & MJG, Jazze Pha, Bun B, and Macboney.  It was produced by DJ Toomp, T.I.’s longtime producer, was the Executive Producer on this album.  So you could say he’s just as responsible for the sound.  You may have heard of some of the other producers that worked on this album as well.  One goes by the name of Kanye West and the other goes by David Banner.

The album debuted and peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 charts, selling 110,000 copies the first week and going platinum a short while after.

You cannot deny the influence that he’s had on the southern music.  The self proclaimed and undisputed “King of the South” is most likely the founder of Trap Music!