Lil Wayne has countless classic projects.  wether it be mixtapes or albums, he’s etched his name in hip-hop history.  Tha Carter II dropped today, December 6th, 12 years ago.  Many consider this project his first of several classic projects.

This was coming off a his first album Tha Carter which went gold, but it wasn’t his greatest effort.  So when he came back with the second album, we knew right then and there what we had, a classic.  It was very interesting that the album became as popular as it did because it was a lengthy album with 22 songs.  That shows what kind of talent Wayne was because to not only keep the attention of the listeners for 22 songs, but for that album to be considered a classic was amazing.

With singles “Fireman”, “Hustler Muzik”, and “Shooter”, this album birthed Wayne his first solo platinum plaque. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but you could see the trajectory from there and where he was headed; To the top of the rap game.  He was headed to the top not just because he was a great rapper, but he had versatility when it came to the songs he would make and rap on.  That was most evident with the single “Shooter” which featured Robin Thicke.

It’s a shame seeing where Wayne in the mid and late 2000s to where he’s at now.  He didn’t fall off too much lyrically but because he can’t put out what he wants, I feel like its stifling his creativity.  I really hope he can get this contract situated because a legend shouldn’t have to go through all of this, especially for what he’s done for the game and southern hip-hop.

Happy birthday Carter II, #FreeC5.