There has been debates for years about who was the creator of “Trap Music”.  The sound has been around forever, but nobody really put a name to it, well at least until 2003.  That’s when T.I dropped his second studio album titled Trap Muzik.  So wherever the confusion is, one thing is for sure; T.I definitely put a name to it.

After his subpar first effort, T.I was dropped from his label, hence spawning the creation of his own label “Grand Hustle Records” with business partner Jason Greter.  That eventually landed him a deal with Atlantic Records before the release of his second studio album.  You can say Atlantic came in at the right time because Tip had a classic on his hands.

With 4 singles hitting the charts and hood classics like “24’s” and “Rubberband Man”, he had the charts on lock as well as the streets.  So whether or not he was the creator of Trap Music or not, nobody can dispute that he did a lot for it at a very early stage.

Happy 15th birthday to Trap Muzik.