Controversy breeds conversation, and these days, you can never quite tell the exact motive behind the action.   If you’re not being controversial, there’s no news, and the very topic of you is put on snooze.  With brands piling up by the dozens, it’s no wonder how one stays afloat, lingering always on the tip of the tongue through new ads featuring the hottest celeb as the ambassador; or a little black boy wearing a green hoodie with the words ‘coolest monkey in the jungle‘ smeared across the front.


Swedish-European retail brand H&M dropped a sour bomb on us yesterday with their most current ad on their website of a little black child modeling a sweatshirt with a hurtful, reprehensible slogan.  While, of the same line, there was another design with the term ‘survival expert‘ modeled by a white child.  Week two of 2018 and you would think that every public relations team, brand director, all those approving works before distribution would know better.  In what world is it ever okay to offend your consumers, unless to shock and dismay intentionally?

That being said and considered, you have to wonder, what if slavery was only temporarily abolished in order to allow for more to be stolen from the gifted, vibrant ones.  First, the simplicity of learning how to bathe and maintaining hygiene, would allow for the conception of Colgate & Crest, Dove & Zest.  To hundreds of years of being schooled on how to clean and cook, with what nature afforded the first man to generate a well-nourished system of survival of the fittest, a pale face churns into big business breeding Paula Deen types who likely took from their inherited domestics, swiping recipes and calling it owned.  Big booties, hips and lips become a standard across plains by way of spilled blood turned to a spilled potion which made it through the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, seeping through drinking water used to wash cabbage & okra before preparation for the dinner table, baby got back that was never had before.  Later turned into thieves and murderers, strung up and/or ordered. Lost, omitted from the records, it can be easy to forget the origin of our most notable lessons, offenses, and creeds.  Before long, there will be no memory of where it all actually belongs.

Imagine.  A liking, the culture is taken on only to be squeezed of its purity, creativity, and talent.  It’s no coincidence the voice & style that exits the counter that doesn’t look like me.  ‘Get Out‘ is not just some movie; stolen of its accolades by not even being considered for a Golden Globe.  We are loved, admired, the most interesting thing to grace the earth; belittle them, take them, own them and use them, the sharecropper is still running the show and stupidly, UOENO.

With one thoughtless slip of the tongue after another, big brands have gone a bit crazed these last few years with their insipid placards of new business, forgetting etiquette and decorum as if they don’t matter anymore; Unilever, Kellogg, Nivea…  History is in retrograde one by one.  Losing religion in more ways than some, are we headed back to selling slaves in the trade; throwing dirt in the face of the one who builds the stage?  Calling that of which differs savages and animals because they don’t look the same.

We are headed backwards, the worse case of stagnancy has taken a hold of the game.  Don’t you think for a minute that the times have changed.  The conversation of music and the change are not holding familiar weight.  A loss of depth and focus has swept in, taking over; with buffoons such as H&M continuously trying to undermine and reduce black stature. The reverse button has long been touched, reeling back the progress and lengths of forward movement.  We will soon see MLK and Malcolm X raise from the grave like Jesus, and Marcus Garvey preaching the same song, as if the fight for the dissolution of racism & segregation hadn’t already been won.

“This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended.”  You apologize to anyone your tasteless ad may have offended?  Untruth.

They care not of the feelings of all those riled and stung yesterday.  Ain’t no Curious George here.  This is no innocent, adventurous tale of the man in the yellow hat and his brown monkey as they travel the world, inspiring children to explore math, engineering and science; all happy and jolly with George eating his banana and starting trouble, with the man in the yellow hat saving the day.

This is the story of the adulterer that never stops adultering; a domestic abuser that can’t quit the hand of mistreatment; a monster that never loses its ugly.

This is the mistake or mishap that occurs one too many times, followed by the same tired line, not to be mistaken as a dry ass apology.

Curious George has caught on, been caught on, always running away only to be soonly captured by the man in the yellow hat. But not this time, finally, George has hitched a ride out of the hands of his smiling oppressor. Calling out the gaffs, ripping apart the false poster of virtue.  He will not be swindled this time.