Hailing from New York City’s infamous Castle Hill projects in the Bronx, home to notorious Blood set, Sex Money Murder, Hocus 45th’s path to music originally started out on the streets. After the passing of his father at the age of 12, he was left with 9 siblings and looked to assist his mother so he turned to the streets, leading him to join SMM. He soon landed in jail and was facing the rest of his life behind bars. Looking to leave that life alone, and nurture his talents, he shifted gears and began rapping. It is then, it 2008, he founded the group Bang Bang Boogie, which included Mysonne, Lord Tariq, Cuban Link and his brother S-1. The group gained quite a bit of notoriety, being heavily consigned by G-Unit head honcho 50 Cent.

Things later came to a halt, when he and his brothers S-1 and Dolla were indicted on very serious charges. After spending over 4 years behind bars awaiting trial, in December 2012, he was acquitted on all charges. Since his release, Hocus 45th has turned his life around completely, becoming a vegan while also dedicating his time to jail schools and group homes to speak to the youth.

With a second chance at life the Bronx native has officially refocused on his music career. Today Hocus returns with his new single “Gang Time” which is the follow-up to last month’s “Dollar Dollar Bill,” which has received support on New York City radio. The single finds Hocus speaking on his past as an active gang member.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!