HollywoodMIGS is putting on for Boston in a new way. He’s originally from Miami but homie is Boston. With the sound HollywoodMIGS is putting together it’ll be easy for him to stand out. It’s only the tip of the iceberg for HollywoodMIGS. He’s focused on catching his plugs and building his audience at this time. He’s sitting on more music and has big plans in store for the future. HollywoodMIGS stands out because of his look. You won’t think to hear a sound like this coming from him. He fits in perfect for Rich The Kid label Rich Forever. HollywoodMIGS is looking to jump into the Atlanta market full throttle. In the meantime he has a new visual.

HollywoodMIGS releases a new banger. The visual is for his record “Nobody”. Sounds like HollywoodMIGS has been told no a few times. Nothing is slowing him down to rising to the top. He’s on his grind and with music like this how could you hate. Him and his gang, gang hit the streets of Boston. Kicking it back smoking blunts and showing off the city streets. Soon as you hear this banger and see the visual, you’ll be hooked. So far PreciseEarz.com has plugged this guy into the blog market overnight. With his stocks rising and his friends starting to see his movement is solid. It’s best to start supporting now before it’s to late. Take my word, he has word play and flow for days. HollywoodMIGS is rocking a floral all over print T-Shirt in the video with a track jacket. His style is he doesn’t care and he’s living life how he wants to. He takes his career serious and it’s no joke. With the right backing anything is possible for MIGS. Make sure you subscribe to his youtube channel as well. He’s getting ready release more new content soon.