Hustlemade rapper Keezy KG Gramz is steadily rising to an impressive stardom with his visual representations to go with his unmistakably New York sound.

With hot drops like “Dope Sales” and “Hard Times” most recently released for the world to feast with thousands of views and likes brewing thus far, the 26 year old Queens, NY native has undergone the real of the real, struggles through lost time, the system, the NYC streets, and more, to be heard through his lyrics and well-treated video’s to match his pains & realities.

Growing up in the city and locale where Hip Hop legends like Run DMC, Chris Gotti, the Murder Inc crew, 50 Cent, and those types would run; living a life so familiarly recalled by our cultural principals, ‘Fraud Free Music‘ is what KG brings to his fans with obligation and gratuitous servitude.

Through a long lasting admiration and skill for music, the dream of playing ball at a height of 5’8, and a slowly growing record forestalling his lessons would find him heavily delved in Hip Hop; and thankfully so.  As we brush up on the artist behind the music, his emergence is welcomed.

With current project, Highway Legends out now, the makings of a compelling and talented storyteller whom speaks authenticity & truth is sure to sell.  While the future of upcoming project Hustle Or Go Broke, a play on fellow Queens rapper, 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Trying, KG pays homage to the big homies in more ways than one.

With a bright future ahead, get acquainted with the up-and-coming talent that is Keezy KG Gramz.

“We goin’ keep hustlin’. We ain’t gonna go broke.”


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