Allow us to introduce you to Yukon. A young artist with some great potential and the right vision to take things to the next level. The Connecticut born, Atlanta raised artist didn’t always have the opportunities he may benefit from now. Obstacles surrounded the young artist at an early age, growing up having to hustle on NBA 2k and multiple video game consoles to make due for him and his loved ones is just a little glimpse into his world. Imagine having $10k on the line and it’s all up to you at the age of 10-11 years old to win and bring that money home. Defeating the odds and creating a solid foundation for himself, you now have a talented artist with a very unique story to tell. With a new project titled “Triangle” catching on to the masses and putting up very strong numbers, Yukon is on the right path as he continues to create his foundation and grow.

From hustling in the gaming world to bursting out on the music scene, Yukon sits down with The Rapfest below.

Where are you from?

Born in New Britain, Connecticut. Raised on the Southside of Atlanta, GA

Where did the name Yukon originate from?

I got the name Yukon freshman year in college. Basically it ties into me being from CT.

How long have you been creating music?

I’ve been doing music for 4 years. I’ve learned to engineer, write and make my cover art all on my own.

You’re currently in Atlanta, do you feel that ATL is the place you need to be? Work with any other Atlanta artists and producers?

Yeah Atlanta the best place to be as far as the music scene. If you can make some noise out here I feel like you will be good anywhere . Just look at the history of artists who came out of here & stayed relevant for years. It’s definitely a different culture from anywhere else.

What’s it like working closely with an NBA player?

Working close with an NBA player is an dope experience. We work in different fields but it shows how relatable music n basketball are. Coming into the music industry this is the last thing I expected but it’s a blessing for all of us. & for him to have a lot going on this season, getting traded to different teams, having to move family around, & still take out time to help my with my career.

We heard you are established in the video game world, what’s your go to game?

My go to game is NBA 2K. It’s been that way since the first 2k dropped. This how I survived reality. Playing professionally gives you a different outlook on life like it’s really what you make it Anybody can get this work.

What are the plans music wise in 2019? What can we expect?

My plans for 2019 musically is to get better everyday . Touch more ppl / more exposure. Release more music & music videos.

Your project ‘Triangle’ seems to be picking up steam. what state of mind were you in going into the project?

My state of mind going into this project was to make the best shit ever. Give people the real me. Paint pictures with each song. I recorded every song in my room in the hood so my surroundings was the opposite of what I was dreaming for n that inspired me major.

You have some versatility on your project from Auntie House, Empty, Chickens, Lifestyle and more. What are your influences musically?

My music influences are Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Future, Max B, Prince and just life itself. Coming from nothing and turning it into something. All I ever want was an opportunity.

Dream artist or producer to work with?

Dream producer to work with is Pharrell. Dream artists to work with got to be the same as my influences.

Where can people catch you at on social media? Any shows coming up?

You can follow me on all social media @yukoni8v
Xbox GT: Les ismoor

For gaming I stream everyday on: