The legendary Ice Cube will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of his second album, Death Certificate and as a tribute to the famous body of work, he drops off his new record “Good Cop, Bad Cop.” This record is a follow up to the first track he dropped titled “Only One Me” which will also be featured on the Death Certificate 25th Anniversary LP.

This record sticks to the roots of Cube’s legacy and paints pictures of what he went through during his come up with N.W.A. Not only that but the trauma that Los Angeles endured as a whole battling cops in the early 90’s and everything else involving them that we as people still face in 2017.

The 25th Anniversary of Death Certificate will be dropping on June 9 and it will be a remastered version to correspond with today’s music experience. It will also feature three brand new records from the legendary MC himself including this one.

Listen to “Good Cop, Bad Cop” below.