When it comes to comparing MCs to one another, there are always a few rappers that come to mind. The one comparison that people can’t seem to get over is the Kendrick Lamar and Tupac comparison. Many hip-hop heads have put the two in the same sentence multiple times but West Coast legend and all time great rapper, Ice Cube isn’t here for it.

In no shape, way or form is he discrediting Kendrick and what he has done for the game but he would like it if hip-hop connoisseurs would let K. Dot embark on his own path rather than making him share it with a legend who’s name is already set in stone. Cube popped up at  a L.A. radio show to speak on what he thinks Kendrick’s legacy should mean.

“Everybody’s an individual,” Cube said during his appearance Monday (June 12) on The Cruz Show on Los Angeles radio station Power 106. “Especially, the ones that ascend and become a part of our hearts, in a way. These dudes got their own lane and Kendrick, he’s off to a great start. I believe he’ll be an artist on his own. You don’t have to compare him to Pac at all. It’ll be Pac there, it’ll be Biggie there, it’ll be Eazy-E there, Nate Dogg. It’s Kendrick. He’ll be there, too.”

Check out the full interview below.